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E-E-A-T : A Ranking Factor Or Not? A Detailed Guide!

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E-E-A-T : A Ranking Factor Or Not? A Detailed Guide!


When it comes to search engine rankings, Google’s E-E-A-T algorithm is very important. Does that then form part of the score, though? So why not, then?

Google has admitted that signals in its algorithms are meant to give better rankings to websites that show the traits of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

Signals and E-E-A-T Are Used To Rank Content

Have you ever noticed that Google workers talk about signals more often than ranking factors?

When Google workers are asked about factors that affect rankings, they almost always talk about signals.

In its description of how search works, Google even makes a distinction between signals and factors.

Google often advises about the “signals” that go with the E-E-A-T concepts.

Think about this when you’re figuring out how E-E-A-T fits into your SEO plan.

Instead of focusing on links or other on-page elements to trick the system, think about how your content makes people feel about their experience, knowledge, authority, and trust.

Is E-E-A-T a Part of Ranking?

No, not exactly. There isn’t a single way for Google and SEOs to measure E-E-A-T. In other words, this means that Google does not use E-E-A-T as a straight ranking factor.

You shouldn’t think of E-E-A-T as a way to rank things; instead, think of it as an idea. Nevertheless, you should use this thought in all the things you write. Google thinks that E-E-A-T is a very important part of figuring out how valuable your pages are to users.

So, E-E-A-T is very important, even though it’s not directly a scoring factor.

How To Make Your E-E-A-T Better

The best way to show Google’s Quality Raters, E-E-A-T, has already been talked about. However, what can you do to improve your E-E-A-T if it’s not in great shape?

Putting together semantic links

Internal links are a great way to connect important pages on your website. This makes it easier to create linked topic groups that show how knowledgeable you are in the specific subjects you write about and show Google how broad your knowledge is.

Work with experts.

Try to work with well-known experts in your field. To do this, you might have to work together to review things, write content, or even host workshops on your topic.

Learn what you don’t know.

Most material is people posting the same things over and over again online. A great way to show Google that you understand E-E-A-T is to add something new to the table and fill in a knowledge gap.

Change the kinds of things you post.

Think outside the box and add different types of information to your website.

Videos are very important if you write reviews of products. People will trust you more if they can see you using a product and talking about your thoughts on it.

To sum up, E-E-A-T is definitely not a ranking factor.

That being said, it tells you what you should do if you want to rank well.

What Google has been looking at has changed from reasons to signals over the last 20 years. To learn more about E-E-A-T, please talk to our SEO company today.

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